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Massage treatments are an effective way to manage many acute and chronic conditions, as well as prevent injuries, speed healing and promote relaxation. Therapeutically, massage has been found to improve circulation and the psychological well being of patients. Massage can noticeably reduce the effects of stress, realign joints, reduce muscle tension and improve the recovery time needed after physical activity. Massage can be beneficial for everyone, including the elderly, children, pregnant women and post-operative patients.

Massage can be used in the treatment of:


• headaches

• tendonitis

• carpal tunnel syndrome

• low back pain

• neck injuries

• sprains/strains

• frozen shoulder

• and so much more


Benefits of massage:

• Dilates /opens blood vessels, improving circulation

• Moves lymph fluid and hastens elimination of waste and toxins

• Relaxes muscle spasms and relieves tension

• Separates fibres, preventing the formation of adhesions

• Improves athletic performance, tone and flexibility

• Alleviates pain, headaches, growing pains and muscle fatigue

The practitioners at the Sooke Goodlife Wellness Centre have extensive training and choose techniques to ensure maximum effectiveness. Some techniques that may be used in your treatment include: swedish massage, myofascial release and trigger point release.

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