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Anyone coming to our clinic for treatment is required to read and declare understanding of the Client/Patient Requirements.



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We encourage everyone coming to our clinic to be familiar with our Clinic Protocols and Procedures though this is not necessary reading for your appointment.

A general overview is provided below.



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COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures for Sooke Goodlife Wellness Centre

The following will are required by Worksafe BC, BCCDC and the governing bodies for Registered Massage Therapists and Acupuncturists (CMTBC, CTCMA):

1. Sanitize common areas MINIMUM 2 x per day
2. Sanitize every surface in treatment rooms and supply clean linens between each treatment
3. Have face masks available for practitioner and patient use during treatments
4. Provide hand washing and hand sanitizing stations throughout the clinic space with instructions
5. Undergo the COVID-19 self-assessment online test before each day we practice
6. Cancel all treatments and report to the local health authority, self-isolate for 2 weeks if you experience any of the following symptoms: Fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, sore throat, sneezing, loss of sense of smell, headache, fatigue, body aches, stuffy or runny nose, loss of appetite as described by the BCCDC.
7. Receive written consent from patients before each treatment regarding COVID-19 risks
8. There will be no charge to patients for appointments cancelled EVEN WITHIN 24 hours before your appointment if you exhibit symptoms as outline above or suspect you may have been exposed to someone who has these symptoms.

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